Naomi Patterson

Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Naomi Patterson

Director of Client Services

Naomi Patterson has a proven track record as a leadership and stakeholder strategist with demonstrated expertise in customer service, business development, project management, and operational execution.  Naomi joins AO People Partners as Director of Client Services, where she continues her commitment to excellence, manages client initiatives, and supports AO’s Leadership Team.

Naomi’s career started in 501(c)3 museum collections, exhibitions, and operations. With over 10 years of proven success in museums and private collection management, she has done everything from manage a $130-million-dollar museum relocation initiative to manage the execution of a business strategy whereby she identified industry trends and solved management and operational issues that improved customer satisfaction scores by 25%. In sync with her M.B.A., Naomi pivoted into the profit sector and joined Artex Fine Art Services, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive fine art service provider, where she elevated their operations and approach to change management . Later, Naomi joined Lockheed Martin where she supported the development of a work-life balance program that helped drive performance and innovation. Always driving positive change, Naomi delivered employee engagement initiatives and employee development programs, identifying, and developing best practices along the way.

Naomi’s commitment to catalyzing change continued during her time as a Chapter Manager with Conscious Capitalism, Inc (CCI),  a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to guide businesses through conscious avenues to create more meaning and value for their employees, stakeholders, and customers. She worked with business leaders , executives, and entrepreneurs to improve the practice and perception of capitalism to elevate business and humanity not only financial, but also intellectually, ecologically, culturally, emotionally, and socially.  With Conscious Capitalism always at heart, Naomi continues to be energized by the environmental, social, and diverse leadership that is changing business for good.

Favorite Quote

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.”

– Jesse Jackson

Get to Know Me

  • Born in Bismarck, North Dakota

  • Lived 5 years in Mexico City

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Adventurous Foodie

Memorable Moments

After a night around the campfire with family and friends at Potato Lake, MN, I couldn’t sleep and took an evening lake swim when I saw the Northern Lights. The sky was filled with neon green and purple colors—the lights reflecting off the glass top of the lake made it even more spectacular.


Embrace the opportunity to grow your brand and reputation as a company that truly invests in helping employees grow their capabilities – even and especially during an employee off boarding experience. When viewed through the development lens, this is a valuable opportunity for employers to learn and improve organizational and people development practices, build brand ambassadors, and enable departing employees to reflect on gains in skills and capabilities.


Facilitate strategic conversations with senior leaders to explore and define ways conscious people development can be integrated into the culture and daily workflow to power your business, your people, and your employer brand. 


Incorporate learning and development objectives into retention activities to prepare employees for new roles and opportunities. This can be done through engagement and feedback surveys, recognition and rewards programs, promotion, succession planning, and more.

Social Contribution

“Build it so they will want to come, flourish, and stay, knowing that someday they may leave.

Thus, it is imperative to define what you want them to say about their growth experience with your organization and what you want the outside world to say about how you invest in and contribute capable people to society.”

-Ed Offterdinger & Catherine Allen
Conscious, Capable, and Ready to Contribute. (p. 173)

Integrated Capability Development and Performance Management

Integrate learning, growth, and capability development goals and activities into your performance management rather than relying on day-to-day responsibilities alone to create a more engaging, productive, and helpful process.


Adapt onboarding to set new hires up for success in a continuous learning environment through orientation activities that introduce the principles and practices that support everyday learning and development for each employee.


Integrate practices, principles, and tools to better evaluate a candidate’s orientation to continuous learning and development as a factor in their overall fit for a position. This provides:

  • Improved candidate interviewing, assessment and selection practices
  • Better candidate selections with learning and growth mindset
  • An early introduction to your company’s development culture focus


Embed messages about commitment to people development to attract your ideal candidates.